PSC Membership

Pavilion Skating Club is now accepting membership for the 2022-2023 season.

This year membership applications will be completed through EntryEeze.
Click here to join or renew your membership using your EntryEeze account.

Membership at the Pavilion Skating Club

Figure skating can be either competitive or recreational, and those learning to skate can choose either route. Joining a club allows the competitive skater to take the tests necessary to compete in qualifying competitions. For the recreational skater, the testing structure allows the skater to continually challenge themselves and develop their skills beyond the Basic Skills level. Membership in the Pavilion Skating Club includes both membership to PSC and full membership to U.S. Figure Skating.

Pavilion Skating Club Full Club Membership Benefits Include:

  • U.S. Figure Skating membership
  • Subscription to “SKATING” Magazine for the first family member
  • First priority for contracting/purchase club ice time
  • Ability to purchase club ice-time
  • Opportunity to purchase PSC Club Jacket and other PSC logo merchandise (available to members only)
  • First priority to participate in club events

1st Year Introductory membership includes all the privileges of a a full club membership but is applicable only to:

  • Skaters joining USFS for the first time
  • Skaters moving from a Basic Skills membership (i.e. passed Free Skate 6)
  • Skaters who have never been a member of another skating club prior to joining PSC

Collegiate membership allows college students to enjoy PSC full club membership for four years by paying a one-time fee.

Associate membership are for members of another club who wish to contract with PSC and/or participate in club activities.

Aren’t quite sure which membership you should choose? Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.