Chip Rossbach

Coaching Areas:

  • Master – Dance
  • Master – Moves-in-the-Field
  • Certified – Free Dance
  • Level 2 – Hockey

Professional Achievements and Coaching Experience:

  • Level V PSA Ranking
  • PSA Rated
  • Coach of numerous U.S. Figure Skating Championships and International Novice Dance medalists from 1999 through 2014.
  • Invited to and attended the ISU Ice Dance Seminar with students in Oberstdorf, Germany (Spring, 2010)
  • Coach of numerous Gold Dance and Senior Moves in the Field Test Medalists with over a 90% passing rate

Amateur Achievements:

  • 1989 World Professional Ice Dance Champions
  • 1987 World Professional Ice Dance Silver Medalists
  • United States; International Team Member
  • Skate America
  • Skate Canada
  • Grand Prix, Saint Gervias, France
  • Nebelhorn Trophy, Oberstdorf, Germany
  • USFS National Team Member

Professional Touring Ice Show Experience:

  • Nutcracker On Ice – Principal performer
  • Ice Capades – Principal Ice Dance Team

Contact Information:


$20.00 per 15 minutes

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