PSC Board of Directors

The Pavilion Skating Club Board of Directors is comprised of four officers and seven trustees whereby the disciplines of ice dancing, free skating, adult skating and PSC Junior Blades are represented.

PSC Board Members

PSC Officers

  • Cal Brown, President*
  • June Smith, Vice President*
  • Diana Driscoll, Treasurer*
  • Cornelia Meier, Secretary

PSC Trustees

  • Catherine Butler*
  • Molly German*
  • Susan Jhirad*
  • Rachel Kuhn
  • Kelly Nolan*
  • Erin Schopf
  • Elise Ulchaker

*Returning 2015-2016 PSC Board Members

PSC welcomes you as a volunteer…. from one-time to reoccurring volunteer opportunities. If you would like to support PSC by volunteering, please contact the club office. or fill out the contact form below.


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